Cagliari Football Club: The Complete Guide

Cagliari Calcio, more commonly known as Cagliari, is an Italian football club based in Cagliari, the capital island of Sardinia. As a team, they have a history of bouncing between leagues. But in the last 20 years, they have become a solid Serie A competitor. 

Cagliari Calcio is a soccer team filled with pride, as it is one of Italy’s most loved clubs!

The adoration to the group comes from the exciting victories and unforgettable goals, mixed with bitter defeats and heart-wrenching falls. Everything about Cagliari is pouring with emotion, so no matter if they win or lose, you’ll feel like you’ve watched the game of the season.

Basic Facts

Soccer was officially brought to Italy in 1893, which is 30 years earlier than the British’s confirmation of the rules. Technically, Britain is the home of this worldwide sport, but some would argue that Italy is the heart. 

It seems natural that Cagliari became the capital of football as it was the Italian port which most British ships stopped at. Two major cultures in the soccer world were able to meet and show off their own styles.

The first real match ever reported on was between two groups of Cagliari students in Piazza d’Armi. But the second involved the crew of the Minerva Cruiser.

Of course, the more experienced and stronger-built sailors beat the Cagliari university students 3-0. This exciting competitive nature was enough to bring tournaments and heroism to the world of football.

Home Grounds

Sardegna Arena was a temporary football stadium built in 2017 to host Cagliari Calcio football matches. After 2018 it was closed and partially demolished in order to create a new stadium. 

In January 2020, Cagliari City Council announced that a new facility would be built for the club, and it should open its doors in 2024 “if everything goes as per schedule.” Of course, January 2020 was two months before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. So the stadium will have received delays. 

The new name for the stadium will be Cagliari Arena, and it should hold 25,500 seats!

Main Trophies

Cagliari has held one title in the UEFA cup. In the 1993-1994 tournament, they were semi-finalists, knocking the defending champions off the top spot at the quarter-finals.

In the Italian football league, Cagliari has had a lot more success. In the 1968-1969 Coppa Italia league, they became runners-up! 

It’s The Serie C – A league where Cagliari really shines. They were the winners in 1951-192 Serie C. Winners again in the 2015-2016 Serie B. And winners for a third time in the 1969-1970 Serie A league!

Club History

Cagliari Calcio was established in 1920, but they have only won the Serie A once. Cagliari Calcio is more comfortable in Serie B and Serie C.

For the first decade of their existence,  Cagliari Calcio only participated in regional competitions. Eventually, they joined Italian League in the 1929-30 season. When they did join, they became a member of the Prima Divisione D.

It wasn’t until 1969, when Cagliari Calcio competed in the European Cup for the first time, that they managed to secure a Serie A victory.

Club Timeline

2018-19Serie A1541 
2017-18Serie A1639 
2016-17Serie A1147 
2015-16Serie B183Promoted
2014-15Serie A1834Relegated
2013-14Serie A1539 
2012-13Serie A1147 
2011-12Serie A1543 
2010-11Serie A1445 
2009-10Serie A1644 
2008-09Serie A953 
2007-08Serie A1442 
2006-07Serie A1740 
2005-06Serie A1539 
2004-05Serie A1244 
2003-04Serie B283Promoted
2002-03Serie B854 
2001-02Serie B1247 
2000-01Serie B1150 
1999-00Serie A1722Relegated
1998-99Serie A1341 
1997-98Serie B363Promoted
1996-97Serie A1537 
1995-96Serie A1041 
1994-95Serie A949 
1993-94Serie A1232 
1992-93Serie A637 
1991-92Serie A1329 
1990-91Serie A1429 
1989-90Serie B347Promoted
1988-89Serie C1 Girone B145Promoted
1987-88Serie C1 Girone B1131 
1986-87Serie B2026Relegated
1985-86Serie B1435 
1984-85Serie B1634 
1983-84Serie B1136 
1982-83Serie A1426Relegated
1981-82Serie A1225 
1980-81Serie A630 
1979-80Serie A830 
1978-79Serie B249Promoted
1977-78Serie B1237 
1976-77Serie B449 
1975-76Serie A1619Relegated
1974-75Serie A1026 
1973-74Serie A1028 
1972-73Serie A829 
1971-72Serie A439 
1970-71Serie A730 
1969-70Serie A1451st league title
1968-69Serie A241 
1967-68Serie A931 
1966-67Serie A640 
1965-66Serie A1130 
1964-65Serie A634 
1963-64Serie B249Promoted
1962-63Serie B938 
1961-62Serie C Girone B144 
1960-61Serie C Girone B245 
1959-60Serie B2031Relegated
1958-59Serie B443 
1957-58Serie B1726 
1956-57Serie B1032 
1955-56Serie B540 
1954-55Serie B933 
1953-54Serie B341 
1952-53Serie B438 
1951-52Serie C Promoted
1950-51Serie C Girone C543 
1949-50Serie C Girone C645 
1948-49Serie C Girone C1536 
1947-48Serie B Girone A1818Relegated
1946-47Prima Divisione Sardegna3 
1945-46Prima Divisione Sardegna1 
1942-43Prima Divisione Sardegna53 
1941-42Prima Divisione Sardegna67 
1940-41Prima Divisione Sardegna 
1939-40Serie C Girone F631 
1938-39Serie C Girone F523 
1937-38Serie C Girone E138 
1936-37Prima Divisione Sardegna1 
1935-36Seconda Divisione Sardegna1 
1934-35Serie B Girone A930 
1933-34Serie B Girone A1214 
1932-33Serie B1424 
1931-32Serie B1332 
1930-31Prima Divisione F 
1929-30Prima Divisione D534

Club Net Worth

In 2021, Cagliari’s total market value was $190.35 Million (or €162.17 Million). This is for their squad size of 29, national team players of 9, average age of 26.4, and a current transfer record of $-11.21 Million (or €-9.55 Million).


From 2017 to 2018, Sardegna Arena was the temporary Stadium for Cagliari; however, it was knocked down to create a new stadium, aimed to be open in 2024. In the meantime, Cagliari has been using Stadio Sant’Elia.

Stadio Sant’Elia had hosted three matches during the 1990 FIFA World cup, with enough room to seat 60,000 spectators.

The New Stadium, known as the Cagliari Arena and the Nuovo Stadio Cagliari, won’t seat as many fans, but it will be the permanent home to the heart of Italian football.


The current owner of Cagliari is Tommaso Giulini, and he is the president of the football club too. 

Best Players

Caliari is currently number 16 in the Serie A league, and most of that comes from the player’s excellent 1vs1 skills. The squad only has one player listed in the top 100 rankings, but there are 3 players in total who should be considered the club’s best.

Our top 100 ranking player is Diego Godlin, who is currently ranked number 90 on the 1vs1 index. He is also the 5th best player when ranked against pass interceptions in the team’s own half. 

Their best forward player is João Pedro, who is in the top 10 rankings for scoring a goal with their foot. 

Marko Rog is a midfielder, and he came in 52nd place when ranked with pass completion

All Time Top Scorer

Cagliari’s all-time best scorer was Luigi Riva, who had created a total of 201 goals during his career. The second-best scorer was Luigi Piras, who scored 104 times in his career, which shows just how impressive Riva’s total was.

Riva is now retired after making 367 appearances in Cagliari’s team.

The best scorer on Cagliari’s current team is João Pedro, who has scored 73 goals during his 232 matches. 


Luca Ceppitelli is the current team captain of Cagliari. 

Born on 11 August 1989 in Castiglione del Lago, Italy, Luca plays the position of defender. 

As a youth, he started his career playing for Perugia, and from 2009 he only stayed with this club for 2 years. Jumping from Perugia, to Andria, to Bari, then Parma, back to Bari on loan, and then settled in Cagliari to become captain. 

He was sold from Parma and Bari for €2.1 Million, which translates to $2.4 Million.

During his time in Cagliari, he has helped secure 9 goals for Serie A and B.


Cagliari currently has 3 goalkeepers. Alessio Cragno, Boris Radunović and Simone Aresti.

Alessio Cragno is contracted to stay with Cagliari until 30th June 2024. His current market value is €21.24 million, which translates to $24.9 Million and £18 Million. In total, Cragno has made 255 appearances and has conceded 342 goals while making 437 saves. 

Boris Radunović is contracted to stay with Cagliari until 30 June 2025. His current market value is €318.6 thousand, which translates to $373.57 thousand and £270 thousand. Radunović has made 111 appearances, conceded 127 goals.

Simone Aresti’s current market value is  €106.18 Thousand, which translates to $124.5 Thousand and £90 Thousand. He has made 241 appearances and has conceded 253 goals.


Cagliari has 9 defenders:

  • Diego Godín
    • Originally from Uruguay, Diego is a Serie A, right-footed, Defender.
  • Luca Ceppitelli
    • Originally from Italy, Luca is a Serie A Defender who can use both his left and right foot easily. 
  • Sebastian Walukiewicz
    • Originally from Poland, Sebastian is a Serie A, right-footed, Defender.
  • Charalampos Lykogiannis
    • Originally from Greece, Charalampos is a Serie A, left-footed, Defender.
  • Gabriele Zappa
    • Originally from Italy, Gabriele is a Serie A, right-footed, Defender.
  • Andrea Carboni
    • Originally from Italy, Andrea hasn’t played often enough for us to determine his preferred footing.
  • Alessandro Tripaldelli
    • Originally from Italy, Alessandro is a Serie A, left-footed, Defender.
  • Simone Pinna
    • Originally from Italy, Simone is a Serie A, right-footed, Defender.
  • Salvatore Boccia
    • Originally from Italy, Salvatore is a Serie A, right-footed, Defender.


Cagliari has 3 strikers; Alberto Cerri, Leonardo Pavoletti and Giovanni Simeone.

Alberto Cerri

Alberto Cerri started off his career playing for Parma in Serie A, where he made no goals and no assists. From 2012-2014 he stayed with Parma before moving to Cagliari in Serie B. Here he made 18 appearances, succeeded 3 goals but also earned himself 2 yellow cards.

In 2016 Cerri moved from Cagliari to Pescara, where he made 1 goal and earned 1 yellow card. He played with Pescara for Serie A but also played for SPAL Serie B in the same year, this time earning just 1 goal but another two yellow cards.

From SPAL, Carri moved onto Perugia in 2017, playing in the Serie B competition. Here he made 15 goals, 7 yellow cards, and 1 red card. He also made 28 appearances for the year, which is his most so far.

From Perugia, he moved back to Cagliari. Between 2018 and 2021, he has made 3 goals, 5 yellow cards, and has only appeared 33 times.

Leonardo Pavoletti

Pavoletti’s career path has been a lot more linear than Cerri’s. He began in Sassuolo in 2013, making no appearances and, therefore, no goals or fouls. He stayed until 2015 after scoring one goal. Then he moved to Genoa, where he made 10 appearances, 6 goals, 3 assists, but landed with 4 yellow cards.

After spending 3 years with Genoa, Pavoletti moved to Napoli but only to make 6 appearances and no goals. 

In 2017 Pavoletti moved to his current destination of Cagliari, where he has made 100 appearances, 31 goals, 4 assists. In his time at Cagliari, he has also brought 22 yellow cards but no red ones.

All of Pavoletti’s competitions were in Serie A

Giovanni Simeone

Simeone also had a smooth transition to Cagliari, but his transition includes changing countries. Simeone was moved from Argentina competitions to Italian ones.

Simeone started off at River Plate in 2014, where he made 6 appearances but no goals. In 2015 he moved to Banfield, where he jumped up to 18 appearances, helping him reach 7 goals but also reached 3 yellow cards. In his two years playing for Banfield, Simeone made 12 goals, 3 yellows, and had 34 appearances.

In 2016 Simeone made the leap from Argentina to Italy and played for Genoa in Serie A. He made a cracking start to his Italian career by making 12 goals and 1 assist in his 35 appearances. However, they did also come with 3 yellow cars.

From 2017 till 2019, Simeone appeared 74 times, scored 20 goals, helped with 8 assists, and racked up 7 yellow cards. 

In 2020 Simeone joined Cagliari in Serie A and has so far appeared 70 times, scored 18 goals, helped with 5 assists, and racked up 4 yellow cards. 

He has never received a red card.


Cagliari’s manager is Leonardo Semplici. He last played football in 2003, where he was a defender for Grosseto. In 2004, he made the change from player to manager, starting with San Gimignano. His longest time with a team was 4 years when he took on Figline.

 Leonardo Semplici only became the manager of Cagliari in 2021.


Eusebio Di Francesco was Cagliari’s head coach, however, he was fired from the position after 16 league games without a win.

The club made a statement on the decision stating, “The club have also parted company with assistant coach Francesco Calzona, assistants Stefano Romano and Giancarlo Marini, fitness coach Nicandro Vizoco and psychologist Gianmaria Palumbo,

The current coach in the meantime is Leonardo Semplici.

Assistant Coach

Cagliari has 5 assistant coaches, all tasked with specific areas to help the team. 

The Goalkeeping coach is Walter Bressan, who was appointed in July 2021. His contract expires in June 2022.

The two technical coaches, Rossano Casoni and Alessio Rubicini, were appointed in February 2021. Their contracts expire in June 2022.

The Athletic coach Yuri Fabbrizzi was appointed in February 2021 with a contract that lasts until June 2022.

The last coach is Francesco Fois who is in charge of rehab. He was appointed in October 2017 and doesn’t have an end date for this contract.

Home Kit

Cagliari’s home kit was made by Adidas. Using the national colors, the left-hand side of the shirt is red, and the right-hand side of the shirt is blue. On the shoulders and down the sides of the shorts are three yellow stripes.

Away Kit

Cagliari’s away kit is also made by Adidas, and it used the three main colors in Cagliari’s flag. However, the main color is white this time around. From the left, going diagonally upwards, there are fierce red stripes, and on the undercut of the shirt, the blue makes an appearance.

The Cagliari logo copies the flag of the island. There is a red cross in the center of a shield. Bordering the shield is a block color of red (on the left) and blue (on the right). In the center of the shield, on the four sides of the cross, are four faces. Each face has a bandana around their forehead.

Club Academy

Cagliari has a program aimed at 6 to 12 years old. They aim to bring football to young people all over the island and, in turn, strengthen the bond between Cagliari Calcio and Italy’s society. 

Cagliari Football Academy shares its best training method with all of its affiliated instructors and coaches to hopefully grow more athletes in Cagliari.

League Titles

Current League Titles

  • None

Previous League Titles

  • 2015 – 2016 – Serie B Winners
  • 1969 – 1970 – Serie A Winners
  • 1988 – 1989 – Coppa Italia Serie C Winner
  • 1968 – 1969 – Coppa Italia Runner Up
  • 1951 – 1952 – Serie C Winner

European Title  

  • 1993 – 1994 UEFA Cup Semi-Finalists