Norwich City Football Club: The Complete Guide

Norwich city is based in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Norwich has a vast and colorful history, but one point of the past has continued with Norwich City’s nickname. 

Also known as The Canaries, Norwich City remembers the time of the great “Stranger” immigration when Dutch and Flemish people fled prosecution from Catholics and settled in this welcoming city. 

A third of the population consisted of these “Strangers,” who brought yellow and green canaries with them. These beautiful birds sang with all the people, inspired the English workforce, acted as a medieval radio, and brought a sense of home to the refugees. 

With such a strong history of accepting others, Norwich City has created a “Nest” of friendship in the sport!

Basic Facts

Norwich completes in the EFL Championships and are in the second tier of English football. 

They were promoted to the Premier League on 27 April 2019 and achieved a hard earned victory on the last day of the season.

The club was founded in 1902, and since 1935, they have played their home games at Carrow Road.

Norwich City’s longest rivals are Ipswich Town, which they have contested 134 times since 1902!

The club’s fan song is “On the Ball, City,” which is also the oldest football chant in the world still sung today. It was written in 1890, and the lyrics are:

In the days to call, which we’ve left behind,

Our boyhood’s glorious game,

And our youthful vigor has declined

With its mirth and its lonesome end;

You will think of the time, the happy time,

Its memories fond recall

When in the bloom of your youthful prime

We’ve kept upon the ball

Kick it off, throw it in, have a little scrimmage,

Keep it low, a splendid rush, bravo, win or die;

On the ball, City, never mind the danger,

Steady on, now’s your chance,

Hurrah! We’ve scored a goal.

Let all tonight then drink with me

To the football game we love,

And wish it may successful be

As other games of old,

And in one grand united toast

Join player, game and song

And fondly pledge your pride and toast

Success to the City club.

Kick off, throw in, have a little scrimmage,

Keep it low, a splendid rush, bravo, win or die;

On the ball, City, never mind the danger,

Steady on, now’s your chance,

Hurrah! We’ve scored a goal.



Home Grounds

Norwich City has had three home grounds; Newmarket Ground from 1902 – 1908, The Nest from 1908 – 1935, and Carrow Road from 1935 to the present day.

Although The Nest was a well loved stadium that carried on the canary legacy, it was too small for the growing number of fans that wanted to watch the sport. Carrow Road was created to make more room for the expanding fanbase.

The Carrow Road stadium is on the east of the city near the river Wensum. It is an all-seater and can hold 27,244 people.

Main Trophies

Norwich City’s main trophies come from the Football League Cup. 

Their first win was in the 1961 – 1962 league.

Their second win was in the 1984 – 1985 league.

The 1984 – 1985 trophy was won after beating Sunderland 1 – 0.

Club History

Norwich City was formed in June 1902 by Robert Webster and Joseph Cowper-Nutchy. After 3 years the club turned professional.

Their iconic “On The Ball City” anthem is widely recognized across the league and is the oldest football song still being sung.

Norwich City’s famous home “The Nest” only received 2 goals in the first five matches held at the venue. Norwich City scored neither of these goals!

This curse was then broken on the 6th game, where Norwich city drew 1 – 1 with Bristol Rover. Just two weeks later, Norwich City earned their first win in “The Nest” thrashing Reading 2 – 0.

Club Timeline

2015-16Premier League1934Relegated
2013-14Premier League1833Relegated
2012-13Premier League1144 
2011-12Premier League1247 
2009-10League One195 
2004-05Premier League1933Relegated
2003-041st Division194Promoted
2002-031st Division869 
2001-021st Division675 
2000-011st Division1554 
1999-001st Division1257 
1998-991st Division962 
1997-981st Division1555 
1996-971st Division1363 
1995-961st Division1657 
1994-95Premier League2043Relegated
1993-94Premier League1253 
1992-93Premier League372 
1991-921st Division1845Promoted
1990-911st Division1545 
1989-901st Division1053 
1988-891st Division462 
1987-881st Division1445 
1986-871st Division568 
1985-862nd Division184Promoted
1984-851st Division2049Relegated
1983-841st Division1451 
1982-831st Division1454 
1981-822nd Division371Promoted
1980-811st Division2033Relegated
1979-801st Division1240 
1978-791st Division1637 
1977-781st Division1340 
1976-771st Division1637 
1975-761st Division1042 
1974-752nd Division353 
1973-741st Division2229Relegated
1972-731st Division2032 
1971-722nd Division157Promoted
1970-712nd Division1044 
1969-702nd Division1143 
1968-692nd Division1340 
1967-682nd Division943 
1966-672nd Division1140 
1965-662nd Division1339 
1964-652nd Division647 
1963-642nd Division1735 
1962-632nd Division1342 
1961-622nd Division1739 
1960-612nd Division449 
1959-603rd Division259Promoted
1958-593rd Division457 
1957-583rd Division S853 
1956-573rd Division S2431 
1955-563rd Division S751 
1954-553rd Division S1246 
1953-543rd Division S751 
1952-533rd Division S460 
1951-523rd Division S361 
1950-513rd Division S264 
1949-503rd Division S1142 
1948-493rd Division S1044 
1947-483rd Division S2134 
1946-473rd Division S2128 
1938-392nd Division2131Relegated
1937-382nd Division1439 
1936-372nd Division1736 
1935-362nd Division1143 
1934-352nd Division1439 
1933-343rd Division S161Promoted
1932-333rd Division S357 
1931-323rd Division S1046 
1930-313rd Division S2128 
1929-303rd Division S846 
1928-293rd Division S1734 
1927-283rd Division S1736 
1926-273rd Division S1635 
1925-263rd Division S1639 
1924-253rd Division S1241 
1923-243rd Division S1140 
1922-233rd Division S1836 
1921-223rd Division S1537 
1920-213rd Division1636 

Club Net Worth

Norwich City’s current net worth is £133.47m – accurate in August 2021. That translates to $184.90m and €156.95m.

At this point in time, Norwich has a squad size of 33, 14 national players, with an average age of 25.6.

The current transfer record is £-19.58m.


Norwich City’s current stadium is Carrow Road. It has a capacity of 27,244, all of which are seated.

The building was built in 1935 and has undersoil heating. There is no running track around the stadium, making the pitch size 104m x 68m.

The surface is made of hybrid grass to combat the changing weather conditions in England.


The current owners of Norwich City are Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones. 

In the 2006-2007 annual general meeting Smith and Wynn-Jones announced that they were open to offers of buying them out of the majority stakeholding in the club; however, they made it very clear that the squads needed heavy investment:

The only way we would relinquish our shares is if somebody is going to put money into the football … Only if they put money into the squad – not if they buy our shares, we don’t want money. It has to be that there is money for the squad, serious money for the squad.

In July 2008, Peter Cullum stated that he would invest £20m into the squad and take over the club. Smith invited Cullum for talks, but there must have been a disagreement as no deal was reached.

Best Players

Norwich City’s three best players are Temu Pukki, Todd Cantwell, and Tim Krul.

Teemu Pukki is an amazing Finnish striker who has become a bit of a cult hero to Norwich fans. He scores early, he is constantly on target, and he makes the crowd roar!

Pukki seems very happy at Carrow Road, but if Norwich falls out of the Premier League and back into the Championships, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear Pukki being chased by other clubs.

Todd Cantwell is a rising star in Norwich City. He is a midfielder brought up by the Norwich academy with a brief loan transfer to Fotuna Sittard in the Netherlands. He is a calm player with a fast speed and an accurate pass. When Cantwell and Pukki line up, they are hard to beat!

Tim Krul is a goalkeeper with an expertise in penalty saves.  Originally from the Netherlands, Krul has spent most of his football career in England. He has been playing since 2004, and his reputation is impressive.

That being said, he has conceded 71 goals, one own goal, and 4 yellow cards in his time with Norwich City. However, he has managed to stop 5 goals.

All Time Top Scorer

John Deehan is Norwich City’s top scorer of all time. He played for Norwich between 1981 and 1986 when he scored 48 goals, 12 of which were during penalties. 

In 1992 he switched from being a player to a manager and started this career change with Norwich City!


Grant Hanley is Norwich city’s current team captain. Being a leader is the most important quality a team needs, and Hanley has had this quality ever since he first wore the armband for Blackburn Rovers Under 18s.


Norwich City has 5 goalkeepers, one of which is currently out on loan. They are Tim Krul, Angus Gunn, Michael McGovern, Aston Oxborough, and Daniel Barden.

Tim Krul has helped Norwich win two championship titles; he has won the Player of the Season award and saved numerous penalties, which is why Norwich has named Kurl “Mr. Reliable.”

Angus Gunn is an English lad who began his career in Norwich’s Under 8s team. He was a forward back then but switched to a goalkeeper when he began representing the youth teams in Manchester.

Gunn began to rise through the ranks in the under 16 and helped win the Toulon Tournament in 2016. Gunn was called up to the pre-2018 World Cup training camp but never managed to appear for England’s senior team.

That doesn’t dampen his game, though, as Gunn is one to watch out for.

Michael McGovern is Norwich City’s second longest-serving player.

Aston Oxborough started his career as a defender, but his height moved him towards his current goalkeeper journey. In the 2019 – 2020 season, Aston was sent to Wealdstone on loan, where he won September’s Player of the Month award and the National League South title.

Daniel Barden made a name for himself earlier than predicted when Krul and McGovern were both injured in the 2020 – 2021 Championships.

Barden was called up as a replacement and helped them win the season! Barden is currently on loan to Livingston in the Scottish Premiership.


Norwich has 11 defenders, 2 of which are out on loan. These defenders are Max Aarons, Sam Byram, Ben Gibson, Grant Hanley (the team captain), Christoph Zimmermann, Bali Mumba, Dimitris Giannoulis, Andrew Omobamidele, Akin Famewo, Sam McCallum, and Timm Klose.

Akin Famewo and Sam McCallum are currently out on loan.


Norwich City has 6 strikers, 1 of which is out on loan. These strikers are Josip Drmic, Adam Idah, Teemu Pukki, Joshua Sargent, Christos Tzolis, and Jordan Hugill.

Josip Drmic is currently out on loan. 

Jordan Hugill started his football career late and graduated from Glenn Hoddle Academy in Spain.

After joining the English leagues, Hugill wasn’t given a lot of time to show his skill, having only 22 minutes of action time with the Hammers before going on loan to Middlesbrough and Queens Park Rangers.

When these teams began to use this striker more, Hugill became so successful that he earned a permanent deal with West Ham.

In 2020, Hill moved away from West Ham and into the canary fold. He instantly became a fan favorite, netting 5 goals, including the late winner at Rotherham promoting Norwich to the Premier League. 


Norwich City’s current manager is Daniel Farke. Farke is contracted for this role until 2025. Having spent most of this time in Germany, it is strange to see an England team next to Farke’s name.

He has managed two other teams, both of which were German. They were SV Lippstadt 08 from 2009 to 2015, and Borussia Dortmund II from 2015 to 2017. Farke joined Norwich in 2017. Since he has joined, Norwich has been climbing the table!


Daniel Farke was appointed Head Coach of Norwich City in 2017.

The First Team Coach is Christopher John. John joined Norwich City as the First Team Coach in 2018, replacing Christian Fluthmann. John and Farke have a good relationship, as John was playing under Farke when he was in charge of SV Lippstadt.

Assistant Coach

Edmund Riemer is Norwich City’s assistant head coach and took on the role in 2017. Riemer, like Christopher John, had worked under Daniel Farke previously. Riemer had done so in Borussia Dortmund II and SV Lippstadt 08.

Ed Wootten is Norwich City’s Goalkeeping Coach. He originally coached Norwich City’s Academy in 2015 but moved up the ranks to become the First Time Goalkeeping Coach in 2017.

Home Kit

Norwich City home kit has a yellow chest and back with green sleeves and shoulders, which has delicate lines going through them. These lines make the sleeves look like leaves. 

The shorts are all green, apart from the yellow stripes down the sides.

The socks are all yellow, apart from a green band that goes across the knee.

Away Kit

The Away kit is super stylish and a little ominous. The design is the same as the home kit, however, the colors are mostly black. The chest and back of the top is black, the socks are black, and the shorts are black. 

Where you should find a touch of difference in the home kit, you would now see an aqua or electric blue.

The Norwich City logo is in the shape of a shield. On the shield is the legendary canary standing on a ball. This drawing is centered just to the right. On the left is an image of an English Lion and Norwich Castle. Both pictures are yellow, and the background is green. 

These are the same colors as a canary.

Club Academy

At the Norwich City Regional Development Programme, they strive to achieve community through the positive impact of sport.

They are currently second in the league table. Steve Weaver is the Head of the Academy and joined Norwich with 25 years of youth development under his belt. He also has a UEFA Pro License.

League Titles

Friendship Trophy

Norwich and Sunderland contest the Friendship Trophy each time they meet ever since 1985. Sunderland currently holds the Friendship Trophy.

League Cup:

  • Winners – 1961-1962
  • Runners-Up – 1972-1973
  • Runners-Up – 1974-1975
  • Winners – 1984-1985

Football League Second Division / EFL Championship (Tier 2)

  • Winner – 1971-1972
  • Winner – 1985-1986
  • Play-Off Runners-Up – 2002
  • Winners – 2003-2004
  • Runners-Up – 2010-2011
  • Play-Off Winners – 2015
  • Winners – 2018-2019
  • Winners – 2020-2021

Football League Third Division (1921 – 1992) / EFL League One (2004 – present) (Tier 3)

  • Winner – 1933-1934
  • Runner-Up – 1959-1960
  • Winner – 2009-2010